Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nate's a Swimmer

May 16th was a milestone for our little two and a half water-child. Nate (as was I) were determined enough with the 100 degree weather to take on the task of swimming. Although it is a bit spastic, and uncoordinated, he is nonetheless SWIMMING!

It's funny to think that kids all learn different important life skills at all ranges of age, and why some learn one thing earlier, while another later. Is it determination, brain readiness, exposure, a matter of gender or a combination of all these factors and others? Jocelyn at 2 and a half was far more advance intellectually than her brother. But physically he has surpassed her by years.

My sister and I were talking about the range of age that is put in child development books and other literature that determines when is the appropriate ages for young children to master certain milestones by. She read recently that kids should be able to correctly identify something like 6 colors by age 5. Not sure who determined that, it seems a bit old, but that kid might be far more advance in other areas, at least one would hope.

Maybe one day I will have a better understanding of why Nate learned to swim at two years old, but it Jocelyn at five. But all that really matters is that Jon and I can sleep a little better now knowing that Nate is a little safer even with the pool ten steps from our back door. Aren't we all a bit relieved??

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