Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jocelyn the Super Suelth

I found this very funny, and thought I would share. Jocelyn has taken a keen interest into the Boxcar Children series. As most of you know, she is a true enterpreneur, and is always looking for ways to bring in some extra cash.

She has decided to open her own detective business, and has made a sign-up on her white board in our office. She has even posted hours that work with her schedule. Wednesday's are closed because that is the day we usually spend with her cousins, she cannot be distracted with work then.

Well, if any of you have a mystery, you know where to go, she is dying for something to solve. I have already given her two mysteries to solve, which have now been solved. She now has some experience in her belt.

If you have a case feel free to contact Jocelyn.


Roby Sue said...

I keep forgetting to contact her when I've had mysteries. She's so cute. I wish you had a picture of the one with the number and stuff too. I get a kick out of her!

Roby Sue said...

I gave her a mystery, and she solved it with great speed and accuracy. Hire Jocelyn as your detective today. You won't be disappointed!
-- Robyn of the Great Pacifier Hunt